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  • Why should i pay to volunteer?

    The group is able to run programs effectively due to the kind contribution form volunteers, philanthropist, individuals and also from the fee that volunteers / interns pay to take part in our projects. There are several costs involved, such as orientation, accommodation, food, airport transfers, WIFFI. A lot of people are surprised to hear that they would have to pay to volunteer abroad. What they often do not realize is that; there are significant administrative costs involved in arranging a worthwhile volunteer / intern abroad placement.

  • When should I apply to volunteer

    Our programs run year-round but however, every program has limited number of spots available and due to this reason, and as there is no deadline for registering, it is advisable to apply as soon as possible after you have decided on your project type and dates you want to be part of the project. We abide by the first come first serve policy.

  • What Kind of projects are available

    We have a variety of programs to select from. Participants can make their choice based on their personal skills, educational qualification as well as something that aligns with their area of interest. Volunteers can choose to be a part of any of our Medical and Healthcare Programs, Human Rights Advocacy Program, Journalism internship Programs, Childcare/ Teaching & Sports Coaching Abroad Programs Veterinary & Animal care, Construction & Renovation Projects

  • Can I e-mail my resume and project selections directly to someone?

    Your application for the program must be completed online and will include an opportunity for you to list your project selections as well as attach your resume.

  • What can I do if the project list does not include any projects relevant to my academic requirement ?

    Please email us at info@experienceliberia.org with a brief description of your course requirement and/or major. We will reach out to organizations/institutions offering such opportunity on your behalf.

  • How can my college/university partner with the program?

    E-mail us at info@experienceliberia.org and provide us with the name of your college or university’s Internship Coordinator, as well as their phone number and email address. We will contact them and inquire about an agreement. 

  • Would I need a visa?

    Yes! you will need a visa. Experience Liberia will guide you about the process to acquire visa into Liberia; and also provide you with all necessary documents needed for the via application.