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Marketing Internships

If you are considering a marketing internship in Liberia, you will have a wonderful range of options to choose from when we search for your ideal internship program. Our marketing internships are in high demand because companies and NGOs always have a need for interns with a marketing specialization. Whether you would like to apply your marketing knowledge within a more traditional corporate environment or at a grassroots or international NGO, we will find you an internship where you will have a very active portfolio of responsibilities.

The benefits of a doing your marketing internship in Liberia:

Experiential learning— Learn from the example of established industry professionals as you complete projects and tasks at your internship site.

Exposure to a new marketing culture— Study marketing strategies that are unique to Liberia.

Manage a diverse role of responsibilities— Marketing internships are often very busy and dynamic positions that will allow you to participate in a variety of different projects.

Learn how to source clients and make sales— Many of our marketing internship positions are located at smaller companies where you will be supervised by the director or founder of the organization. Through access to company leadership, you will learn about the business aspects of the marketing industry.

An overview of marketing internships 

During the application process, we will ask you to give our staff a comprehensive outline of your interests within the marketing profession. “Marketing” is a very complex field and we would like to place you with the organization that will give you the best professional experience. Candidates for our marketing internships are expected to have studied marketing at school and/or have relevant professional experience in the field. 

Placement Length

Marketing internships in Liberia requires you to stay a minimum of four weeks. The average placement is around three months which allows volunteers to establish solid relationships in the community and contribute a reasonable amount of time to the projects. Our main responsibility is to provide consistent and effective assistance to the community.

Program Coordination

It is very important to maintain consistency and continuity in relationships, projects and work already underway and, to this end, we have a Volunteer Projects Manager at Experience Libria who is responsible for all volunteers. He will introduce arriving volunteers to the  Dispensary and the staff there, show them the VCT (Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV/AIDS) clinics, under 5s clinics, etc.