The Experience

As a part of Experience Liberia, you will have a unique work experience ranging from grassroots hands-on community work to working with other institutions similar to ours and you will be placed in a number of organizations including: government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), like he United Nations, media and journalism, sports, community and youth development, hospitals/ clinics, legal institutions, companies/factories, schools, and orphanages.

Your volunteer/internship experience will be handcrafted to suit your skills and experience with special consideration towards the skill development or the living experience that you are looking for.

Experience Liberia is in a unique position to provide you with the type of experience you are looking for during the timeframe you desire. With opportunities ranging from 2 weeks to 1 year, we can place you into positions where you can create sustainable change and empower Liberians in the most impactful ways.

Every volunteer/intern will work with his/her supervisor to develop a work plan for the length of stay, which will be specific to the program they choose to work on while in Liberia. The work plan will outline specific deliverables and set goals, expectations both for the program and for the volunteer/intern. We expect a share opportunity during the stay of our interns/volunteers in Liberia. He/she will not only be able to make that meaning full contribution; we hope to be able to expose them to as much related opportunities and answer questions that would help expose them to new challenges, as well as opportunities.



Experience Liberia facilitates internships and volunteering opportunities for students, gap year, professionals and any individual interested in promoting social justice and the sustainable development of local communities. We work with driven organizations across Liberia who share these goals with a true passion for positive change.


We have several exciting positions that correspond with each individual’s studies, interests and aspirations. We can even offer you opportunities online!

    Join Experience Liberia and help make a difference where it really counts !