Who We Are


It started in Africa was created upon the following motto: ” Make an impact in a child’s life no matter how small.”. Having said that, we specialize in designing volunteering and internship itineraries that have fair prices, while not compromising on quality. 

OUR MISSION is to provide experiential opportunities for skill application and development to international volunteers/interns who seek to be powerful change agents in Liberia’s postwar recovery. Experience Liberia wants to provide you with the opportunity to create sustainable positive change in the lives of Liberians while exploring traditional African life. Not only will your experience be meaningful in the eyes of others but you will also experience a culture and tradition like no other.

Our research program takes advantage of the experience and expertise of our staff in organizing/assisting this type of work. We will make sure you will find that local people at your chosen destination who will be happy to help participate in questionnaires and inter-views. If necessary, we will provide a translator. Our well experienced staff will help you with all the practicalities necessary to conduct your research, including setting up meetings, organizing transportation and planning interviews.


We are organized to facilitate and placed volunteers, interns and researchers in all sectors of the country. Our volunteer program will help you experience, learn and undertake projects, campaigns and share ideas on issues that are affecting our world today.



Healthy and Safety is always a priority for us. You can ex-pect to have a safe and supportive organization and a host family that will provide timely support and ensure your safety. In addition, the staff of Experience Liberia as well as of the Youth Crime Watch of Liberia will be available to provide help and support.

    Regardless of your budget, we can guarantee that the price will be fair and every dollar will be invested in the quality and smoothness of your participation in order to provide you with an experience that just can’t be matched.